Café Napoléon

Café Napoléon Inc. is a Quebec family roasting house founded in 1983. At the heart of our values lies the pride of being a local business and offering Quebecers superior quality coffee. Our know-how is rooted in the Italian tradition, but we are also strongly influenced by the philosophy of sustainable development which values the terroir and the work of the original producers.
We work with individuals as well as restaurateurs, retailers, distributors and public organizations and are renowned for building strong, exchange-based partnerships. 
The quality of our products, the service we offer, in addition to the constant diversification of our offer and our openness to ecological and sustainable products ensure that our company is alive and growing.
Our green coffees come from current harvests and new harvests. Like fruits and vegetables, coffee will be tastier and sweeter if the harvest is fresh. Conversely, you'll find it bland and cardboard if the harvest is over, no matter what quality and grade of grain you buy.  
We only work with cafes from mountain top. Altitude is a good indicator of the quality of a coffee and that is why we only buy high mountain coffees.
Environmental concerns are part of our corporate culture. We are constantly working to make our operations greener in collaboration with our partners. We are always looking for new solutions for recyclable and compostable packaging, and we collaborate with several zero waste merchants who offer our products in bulk.